Monday, December 29, 2014

Warm in a claypot

We kept our Christmas tree and decorations into boxes and storage containers on Saturday afternoon. They shall be kept and stay idle for another year. ^^

Everyone were hungry after the clearing. Thought of having something warm as it was a cold rainy evening, so we drove all the way to Rubber road for claypot chicken rice.

Used to have the claypot chicken rice at this Fu Xiang Food Centre when hubby had a textile shop in Satok many years ago. We could have it almost every night. It is not the best in the city but for this far side of the city, it is nice on its own.

Fu Xiang Food Centre is located in the same row with SCR in Rubber road. It is the corner coffee shop, opposite AIA building.

The couple that operate the claypot rice is there after all those years. Now even the children are helping out. Used to remember they were smaller back then. Now they are all grown up.

We ordered 2 big pots of claypot chicken rice for 5 of us. Extra salted fish, of course.
RM8 for this big pot

Need to wait for them to cook. They really cook the rice grain from scrap using the claypot so do not go on empty stomach as you may need to wait very long if there are many customers. But when the rice comes, it is smoking hot and oh boy! We just love the warm rice with sliced sausages and chicken pieces. The rice is fluffy, one grain by one grain. Not too dry and I don't like it lumpy and wet either.

We also love to scoop the burnt bottom of the claypot. Hard and fragrant rice scraps!

And each claypot chicken rice comes with a warm bowl of ground nuts soup. Extra bowl of soup costs you RM1.00. You will find chicken feet too other than ground nuts and red dates in the soup.


  1. The claypot rice really looks very flavourful and with the soup really warm up stomachs!

  2. Owh. My hubby and I wont eat the burnt part hence he always prefer for me to cook this at home without the burnt bottom. But I know many ppl loves their claypot rice to be a little burnt.

  3. I like claypot chicken rice, very flavourful especially if it has salted fish in it..

  4. Now, THAT, I like! Can't get in Sibu anymore. :(

  5. RM 8 is a great price! I think I paid RM 14 for a small bowl in Hutong Lot 10 a few weeks back!

  6. Great for rainy days like these

    Happy New Year Rose!

  7. Such warm and comfort's been raining lately and nice to have something warm.

  8. Yummy I love claypot chicken rice and the soup

  9. A pot of claypot chicken rice costs S$5.50 in Singapore and the soup (different everyday) costs S$2.00.