Sunday, December 28, 2014

There you are

This cafe has been around for few months now and I did not try it till early this week.

Opposite the Big One Food Court

I noticed there is a kolo mee stall when I drove by this cafe. Well, what is new in Kuching? We are well known for kolo mee so almost in every coffee shops, there would be one kolo mee stall.

So my first thought would be it must be like other ordinary kolo mee. Nothing special. Some more this Ice Buddy Cafe was not full of patrons whenever I passed by or have my meals at the coffee shop across it. So, I think the food would be either not good or service is lousy. But I decided that I should try it myself, at least once to have my own verdict on this cafe.

There are 2 kolo mee stalls there. One opens in the morning while the other one is in the evening. To my surprise that the morning kolo mee stall used to operate at the food court across the road. They are selling the famous Batu Kawa meat balls to go with their noodles. Well, I love the springy Batu Kawa meat balls so I am happy to have my kolo mee there any time.

Not many stalls operate in this cafe. Saw a curry rice/noodle stall, lok lok, Foochow fried special and chicken rice but some not open. Still looking for tenants as I saw the "for rent" notice on the stalls.

Just next to the Batu Kawa meat balls kolo mee stall

The 2nd time we went there was one evening after picked hubby from airport. The other reason was the 2nd kolo mee stall with its sign saying "Joseph kolo mee". The only Joseph kolo mee I knew was in this coffee shop. Over there, they served super tasty kolo mee. And not only that, it comes with crispy bacon slices!! You don't believe me? Let the picture says it all.

However the last time we were there, apparently the so-called Joseph guy was no longer there and his business was taken over by the owner of the coffee shop. Not bad but somehow, different hands, different taste.

So, when I saw the Joseph kolo mee stall in Ice Buddy Cafe, I assumed that it  must be the same guy. Maybe he has moved there. Must go there and check him out.

So we were happy to see the same guy mending the stall. There was slight difference in the kolo mee. Taste the same but the sliced bacons were smaller and lesser compared to the previous one.

We also had the bbq pork from another stall. RM10 for this delicious and juicy slab of pork belly. I love the spicy chilli dipping. 

Glad that my curiosity gets the best of me. Found the kolo mee that I missed and meat balls that I loved. Both are easily available as near my place some more. 


  1. Ah your post today taught me a lesson - must try out new shops for we may discover a nice surprise like you did!

  2. The Kolo me looks very good with the char siew . I guess the best Kolo mee will have to come from sarawak. Haha

  3. The barbecue pork look so good! :)

  4. The bbq pork looks so good, I love them, especially if they are 'fat'.. Yummzzz..

  5. Kolo mee to Kuching is like kampua mee to Sibu - you see it everywhere. Personally, I prefer kolo mee! LOL!!!

  6. Wah, you really know kolo kee around Kuching. I normally just stick around my usual kolok stall.

  7. OMG!!!! I've never seen bacon in kolo mee before. It looks sooo good! :)

    Let me know if you find him again, I'll love to come to Kuching just to have that. Haha.