Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Tapau from Fu Rong Pan Mee

I went to this coffee shop one Wednesday for early lunch by myself but it was closed. Alas, I have been planning to try it out but luck wasn't by my side that day. 

This shop has been around in MJC for quite long but I have never visit and taste its noodle. Fu Rong Pan Mee in MJC, next to Small Cat Cafe. Actually during my last visit to the latter shop, I did asked if they allowed to send food over, but they don't do it. So need to either tapau or dine at their shop only. 

They have quite a menu, many choices to choose from.  And it happened that last Saturday, my hubby's cousin was coming over for a visit. So she went to this Fu Rong Pan Mee shop and tapau lunch for us. 

Thank you to hubby's cousin for the lunch treat!! My first tasting of Fu Rong Pan Mee. But unfortunately, it wasn't pan mee as she worried that my kids doesn't take pan mee, so she ordered normal noodle for us. Fried sweet noodle (above) and normal fried noodle (below). Taste wise, I prefer the below noodle because of crispy anchovies. Lol. 

They did have spicy dried chili and garlic dipping but too spicy for us. 

Another day for me to try the real pan mee at the shop. 



  1. There is a pan mee shop in Sibu now, very popular but I am not a fan of pan mee so I have never bothered to go. I think their chili pan mee is the best seller.

  2. I would go for the hand torn pan Mee. I can see got hand torn pan Mee soup on their menu.

  3. So kind and thoughtful of your hubby's cousin to tapao the noodles for you all.

  4. What is tapau? I would choose the one with crispy anchovies too.

    1. Tapau means takeaway in Chinese. Yay for crispy anchovies