Monday, December 26, 2022

Twin Towers

On 9th December, we walked to KLCC using the pedestrian walk. I pre-booked and paid RM126 for our Petronas Twin Towers skybridge tour few months ago. So our main itinerary for the day was Twin Towers and meet up with my half sister afterward.

Pedestrian walk to KLCC

It was not a very far walk from our apartment suites. And the pedestrian walk was covered and air-conditioned so we had a nice walk to  Suria KLCC. 

Escalator to Suria KLCC

From the mall, we asked around and found the right entrance to the Petronas Twin Towers.

Replica of Twin Towers

Our slot was 11:15am. Many tourists that Friday, both local and foreigners alike. We were given stickers and grouped into batches. Once it was our turn to go up the towers, we had a staff to guide and follow us. We made the first stop at the skybridge, which was on the 41st floor. 

It was so cold at the skybridge. Maybe because of the rain the night before, so it was chilling on the skybridge. We could feel the breeze. Luckily we stand by our jackets so who felt the chill, could put on their jackets. 

After few minutes of photo taking and admiring the view of the city from the skybridge, we were ushered to the 86th floor. We need to take one lift to 83rd floor then another lift to 86th floor where you could see the pinnacle of the tower. 

One of the twin. The view of the tower and looking down at the city was hard to describe experience. Once in a lifetime memory for us, you bet. And from the photo above, you could see the other 2 tall towers. On the right is the KL Tower and in the left is the newest tower, due to open next year. Merdeka 118 Tower. 

We spent longer time on this floor before been called by the guide as there was time limit for each batch. 

We descended the tower and came to the gift shop. Other than the photoshoot (RM65!), we didn't buy anything from the gift shop. For us, the pictures and memories we created worth more.  


  1. Happy Boxing Day! I am very interested to visit this place and view the whole KL before I bring my future visitors from Bangkok and Hong Kong.

  2. Great buildings! Hopefully one day I get to visit it!!

  3. It must be very exciting going all the way up to the Twin Towers. I have never gone up there.

  4. Wowwwww!!! Have to pay so much to go up? I had a friend working there - he wanted to bring me up but I did not want. I have this fear of heights! My niece is working there now - that day, her mum went over to KL and she went up. Thank you very much.

  5. We missed visiting the Petronas Twin Towers skybridge because the tickets were sold out and we didn't make any pre-booking. Glad you enjoy the view from the tower.

  6. long time ago (more than 20 years ago), the tour to the skybridge was free....Been there a few times during the free tour. I'm now looking forward to the next tallest tower in KL, Merdeka118...hopefully they will have such tour too.