Saturday, November 26, 2022

Near the market

It was the election day (19 November). Hubby and I was up very early. Before 5am!! And one neighbour bought a rooster not long ago and that rooster has been crowing since his arrival to the neighbourhood. Somehow the rooster crowed anytime of the day, even during the wee hour at night. 

Anyway, I don't need the rooster to wake me up. My man will do. Once he was awake and couldn't sleep, I knew because I was a light sleeper. He would make sounds and that would wake me up. 

Supposed to go for a morning walk that morning but somehow my man wanted to go to wet market. Initially Kenyalang but we decided to go to 3rd Mile wet market instead. Nearer. 

So, it was slightly after 5am when we reached the 3rd Mile. But there was buzz around the market and surrounding shops. Not big crowd but there was early birds buying vegetables and stuff like us.

After done with our shopping, we walked to a shop that near the market, named Mei Hao Cafe. Almost full house, with mostly elderlies. One table with elderly men were talking about buying numbers. Guess they were trying their luck on winning some lotteries on election day!! Lol. We were able to get a table and our order came pretty swiftly after we ordered our drink. 

kolo mee RM4

The kolo mee with char siew oil was only RM4!! Big portion as well and I was having hard to digest such big breakfast early in the morning. Our drink (1 big glass and 1 small glass of teh o) was RM3. Now that was cheap!! 

The kolo mee was nice, we both agreed. We sure enjoyed our breakfast that morning. After we were done, we walked back to the same route but stopped at the corner shop to get something. Be patient, I will come to that. 

We also made a stop by the wet market and get these curry puff (RM3) and lemang (RM5) from a Malay aunt before went to our car and drove home. 
Curry puff and lemang

Ok, this was what we bought from the corner shop!! A roast stall right in front of that coffee shop and we stopped the pork trotter looked good. It was like fried trotter but it was more of braised pork trotter. Something like hong sau rou (red braised meat). 
Pork trotter RM50

And it came with generous pack of gravy!! I didn't pour the gravy onto the trotter as worry the kids wouldn't like it. So, whoever wanted the gravy, can just spooned it into the meat. We enjoyed it for our lunch and dinner that day. 


  1. Pork trotter looks very good :-) What is lemang?

  2. Wow! You both are really early birds who get the worms. The big trotter is so good value for money. Only rm50. 👍ya, better not pour the gravy over the trotter. Whoever wants the gravy just get it for themselves.

  3. Cannot keep poultry in housing area. Here, we can call the council and they will send people to take action.
    Pork trotter looks like the one I had at one place here, nice long as it is pork trotter. LOL!!!

  4. 5am will be very dark here. Kolo mee looks yummy and so cheap. I miss lemang. The braised pork leg looks good. So convenient, less 1 dish to cook.

  5. i miss eaten with rendang! yummmzzz!