Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The blue lake

On the first day of Hari Raya, we went for a road trip to the countryside. To the town of Bau, which was around an hour drive using Batu Kawa road. 

Due to the public holiday, the usually quiet Bau town was bustling with activities, cars and people. Really sea of people at the Tasik Biru (literally translated as "the blue lake" in English. 

Our last visit to Tasik Biru was back in 2018 with our friends. During that time, we took a boat ride around the beautiful, calm blue lake. 

But since Roxy Hotels came in with their floating chalets not long ago, Tasik Biru has turned into a tourist attraction in Bau town. 

A floating bridge where one needs to pay to cross from one end to another end of the lake. RM10 for adult and RM5 for children. 

No, we didn't cross the bridge. Just stayed there to enjoy the scenery and morning sun. Hubby's cousin and family also joined us but they did went all the way to the bridge to take few nearer shot while we stayed in the centre overlooking the lake, waiting for them. Long queue for those who wanted to cross the bridge, as only limited people at a time on the floating bridge. Hubby's cousin and family didn't crossed as too many people. 

After a while, we went out from the jammed town to the main road and headed to another place. Blog post is coming up on that!!


  1. So they have done up the place nicely now, sad memories that place - how old were you when the tragedy happened - that busload of students plunged into the lake!

  2. Blue sky, clean must have been really wonderful to spend the day with the family at the lake.

  3. We didn't go anywhere during the Hari Raya week long holidays because people are everywhere. Eateries and tourist places are packed with people, some even with long queues.

  4. Thanks for sharing about your trip. I would want to walk on the floating bridge when there are no visitors around, maybe during off peak season. I like Nancy also just stayed at home during the recent holidays.

  5. nice weather! good to enjoy the morning sun during the holidays.