Thursday, January 6, 2022


It was a rainy Sunday in December. We woke up late. Not only me but the whole family. Good weather to sleep in, can't blame us. 

After a while, hubby and I went out for breakfast. Kids preferred to stay at home and wait for their takeaway.

We decided to have roti canai that morning so we headed to the nearest mamak shop, Curry House. It was almost 7.30am and the place wasn't packed. Once we scanned and checked in, we were the only customers while 2 other tables have vacated. 

I liked to take roti telur with fish curry gravy. Used to enjoy my roti with teh tarik but now I prefer to take less sweet drink. So a glass of teh o for me. And we reminded the girl to add less sugar (kurang manis) to our drinks beforehand. 

Hubby enjoyed his roti telur bawang with dhal and sambal dipping. He is more of a dhal person while I go for curry. What about you?? What dipping do you prefer to go with your roti canai??


  1. I liked their thosai masala but poor quality control, we never went back after that one time when the potatoes inside were hard, uncooked. Another time before that, I tapao-ed to bring to my girl's jungle school in Selangau and it turned out to be really terrible - must eat there, cannot tapao.

    They have two outlets in Sibu now and one more in Sibu Jaya. I saw in one Youtube video their outlet at Carpenter Street beside the General Post Office. I guess you did not go to that one.

  2. I go for curry too, but dahl wasn't a bad choice.

  3. i prefer curry with dhal mix!

  4. I dip in both curry and dhal. Wow, your roti canai looks so tasty! 😋😋😋

  5. I usually take roti with both dhall, sambal and curry. I like different dipping.


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