Thursday, January 27, 2022


My man went for an overnight trip with his fishing buddies in Santubong on New Year.  No, they didn't go to the sea. Definitely not in such year end weather. They stayed on shore, just enjoying the waves and night sky in Santubong beach. 

The next day, they went to Buntal to buy some fresh seafood home. He spent between RM110 to RM130 for some fresh crabs, prawns and bamboo clams.

Flower crabs

We kept the flower crabs and prawns immediately in freezer.

Mud crabs

We decided to cook the 2 mud crabs for dinner. Hubby helped with the cleaning, while I just did the cooking. Steamed the 2 crabs for about 15 minutes, no seasoning required.

Lucky hubby knew how to choose crabs. He chose 2 female crabs and look at the roes!! Sinfully tasty and sweet!! Could taste the salty sea some more!

I took out half of the bamboo clams too for dinner. I cooked it with some curry powder, and lemongrass.  My first time cooked crabs and bamboo clams, so I guess my dish was quite edible. Lol. 


  1. How does he do that - tell if the crabs are female? The ones I bought never had any eggs. I was thinking that they already picked those to sell to the restaurants. Same thing with freshwater prawns, the lovely pinkish orange stuff in the head. I never bought any with that - can only eat it when eating prawns in the restaurant.

    I bought bamboo clams once, frozen, packed in boxes, from Sabah, they said, but they were so salty, never bought again.

  2. They are my favourites! Wish I could find some quality ones with a reasonable price here.

  3. Good that your husband is so skilful is choosing good quality seafood and good that both of you are good at cooking them. Delicious seafood meals!

  4. Fresh seafood is always so so good! No need seasonings and they are already delicious as is.

  5. I love crabs. Steaming is the best for fresh seafood.

  6. Wow! The mud crabs had so much roes. Your hubby is a smart fella. I need to learn from him. Hahaha