Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Over the weekend

My man went for a fishing outing with his buddies over the weekend. From Sri Aman, he drove to Batang Ai on Friday afternoon. 

2 nights trip, so he only got back to Kuching on Sunday evening. Tomorrow, he will be driving back to Sri Aman for work.

He took few shots and sent via WhatsApp while he was there.  Remember during our dating time, we had been to Batang Ai and stayed in its resort. Totally no phone reception, so a very secluded place back then. Now, no much a problem with the phone coverage.

The resort is still around  and much the same although a bit run down. Hardly any visitors, according to hubby.

He did caught few freshwater fishes, but he also bought some. Mostly tilapia (wild tilapia RM10 per kilo, farm rear fishes were even cheaper!!) and this evening, I took out one and steamed it!! 

So fresh and tasty. Mostly went to my tummy!! Lol.


  1. Those views are just amazing! You should have joined him :-)

  2. Can go fishing at Batang Ai? Didn't know that. My blogpost today is on the ikan siakap aka barramundi or Asian sea bass from there, very cheap and fresh and nice! These days, we also get ikan sultan, nice too but too many bones. Last time, only tilapia.

  3. Good that your husband has a hobby that brings good food to you all. Wild fishes are supposed to taste better, that's why is more expensive. The batang ai resort looks like a very serene place. Nice place to relax. I can eat one steamed tilapia fish all by myself! Yummy! Your fish looks so delicious!

  4. Fresh fish is best steamed and I haven't had steamed fish in a long time. I would say your hubby has a good hobby hee..hee...

  5. fresh fish! good for steam! over here we mostly can buy the rear ones...

  6. Beautiful view at the resort. I love fish but hubby not so much.


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