Sunday, November 7, 2021


My man loves sup tulang (beef bones soup), so when he came home for the weekend last week, I cooked him a pot of this flavourful soup.

There was a pack of beef bones that I bought from Emart few weeks ago. I took it out and thaw to room temperature. Only then I noticed that it was 2 big bones!!! I couldn't chop them off so I just threw them into my slow cooker and cook with all the spices.

I used these ready packed spices for the sup tulang. Adabi and Bunga Raya brands; just toss everything into the slow cooker. Once water is boiling, add in the blanched bones, potato cubes, 1 sliced big onion and salt and pepper to taste. Half way in cooking, I also added a tablespoon of ghee. 

That was how my man liked his sup tulang. Sprinkled some chopped spring onion (preferably chopped parsley), and fried shallot on the soup, he enjoyed his comforting beef bones soup.


  1. Is this brand of ghee nice? I used to cook ghee rice with the green can ones with a lot of Arabic writing. I cannot find that now and the brands available are not nice, same green cans but not fragrant. I think a popular brand is three rifles or something like that. That is why I do not cook the rice anymore...or if I have to, I'll just use butter.

    Most of the sup tulang at the Malay shops and stalls here are not nice, so diluted. There is only one that is very nice but it is always very crowded, best it does not come cheap.

    1. We only buy this brand, so not sure it is any good to others. To me, I think the ghee is nice.

  2. Bone soup is supposed to be very good for health.

  3. I seldom drink this sup tulang because mainly I seldom drink soup. Sounds delicious. You use two packs of spices, one from Adabi and one from Bunga Raya brand so your bone soup must be very flavourful! Sedap! 😋😋😋

  4. I like bones soup also, doesn't matter if it is pork or beef, both are good.

  5. Your sup tulang must be very tasty and flavourful even though i don't eat beef. I like sup kambing. By the way rose i have a new post in my blog.


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