Monday, June 14, 2021

Chang and more

It is back to school today. More like back to endless homeschooling and homeworks! And since today is also Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival or Dragon Boat Festival), it is practical to post some dumpling photos here. 

In my previous post, I bought 2 types of chang from Abundance Food Centre. Hakka and Nyonya changs. 

Hakka chang RM4

Groundnuts and yam are what make a Hakka chang distinctive! 

Smaller Nyonya chang, RM2.50

Meaty, more flacourful Nyonya chang

Last Friday, hubby's friend passed some homemade kee chang (alkaline dumplings) to us. Ages since I tasted one. Not my favourite though, but I enjoyed them with kaya. 

Do you like this yellowish kee chang? What you eat it with? 

The next day, hubby and I went to Grandma Handmade Noodle Bak Kut Teh in Rock Road, not for its bak kut teh but to buy its handmade changs. Few varieties of changs to choose from and hubby initially wanted to buy its mussel and scallop pillow dumplings but only the traditional salty pork was available. Other changs had been pre-booked. While we were there, we saw the taukeynio and staff busy making different type of changs.  The taukeynio is a friend of hubby's cousin so we knew her.  

Taken from its Facebook page

We bought 15 salty pork dumplings (aka Hokkien chang) at RM6 each from her. 

Hokkien chang is much darker in colour compared to others. 

We immediately sent some over to my dad at his shop. After that we went home to enjoy our Hokkien chang. So good with the fatty meat, salted egg yolk, mushroom and black eyed beans. 

Each changs have their own version and taste. For me, personally I like Hokkien chang more. 

What changs have you tasted this year?? Which one do you like best? 


  1. I had my first ever Hakka chang this morning. Blogpost on it coming soon - did not look quite the same and no yam.

    My late mum loves kee chang, must be the ones from a shop in Padungan. She ate them, dipped in sugar. Once I bought from one of the stalls outside the shops at Ban Hock (opposite Choon Hui). Back at the hotel, I could not stand the extra strong alkaline/urine smell so I threw them all away.

    So lucky you all in Kuching, can have nyonya chang anytime. My No. 1 favourite!!!

  2. I think this year I tasted a few kinds already, besides the normal brown ones, I bought the vegetarian chang, then homemade ones by my friend and today, another friend gave me two Nyonya ones. I keep them in the fridge for tomorrow consumption.

  3. I have been eating chang quite regularly. Yesterday, a friend gave 4 home made changs. Ate 2, still have 2 more in the fridge.

  4. I am not a fan of kee chang. I prefer the savory ones especially nonya chang.

  5. I only buy and eat those Kee Chang with red bean inside. Have you eaten Kee Chang with red bean inside before?
    This year I only ate one type of Chang which has very dark rice, fatty pork, lean pork, black eyed beans, salted egg yolks, mushrooms and chest nuts.

  6. Thank you for all the photos of the Changs. Very nice, can see all the different rice colours and ingredients.

  7. i prefer Hokkien chang too...but this year i only managed to eat Cantonese chang (the one that wrapped in pillow shape, instead of the pyramid shape).

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