Thursday, May 13, 2021

Delivered over

It was last week. A busy Wednesday where I did not have much time to cook. So I ordered online and had our lunch delivered over.

There was this Malay eatery that I had never tried although it was not that far from my house. Firna Cafe in MJC. It was next to this well known Choo Choo Cafe.

So, I ordered the following dishes for me and kids last week. What made me ordered from this eatery was because I saw that they served nasi kerabu! Yes, one of my favourite. 

And it only RM10.30 plus a syrup drink. I thought it was not expensive and the syrup drink was not too sweet, which I liked but I didn't finished it. 

The blue rice was pretty blue and artificial but again, I would not know much. Overall it was alright and edible especially the fried chicken. Not tough at all, which I enjoyed. 

Jan wanted the fried rice with fried chicken (RM6.50). Spicy for her tastebud but big portion as she was having hard time finishing it! 

As for Jamie, I put in special instruction not to add egg in his fried rice so he was able to enjoy it at ease. 

For my noodle loving Jay, I ordered its fried kway teow (RM4.60). He finished it so I guess he has no comment on his noodle.

Each dish came with soup. 

Something different from our usual chicken rice delivery. The kids seemed not mind although they did mentioned that the food was slightly spicy. If I order again, I must put in special request for milder spiciness for them. 


  1. Yes, the blue looks real scary. I like the look of the kway teow most of all.

  2. That photo made me drool so much because I have not eaten Nasi Kerabu for a long time! Miss it.

  3. the blue color from the rice looks artificial...But fried rice and kuey teow look good and tasty!

  4. Food looks very good! You must get some peaflowers to cook and see how blue they can be for own experience.

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your nasi kerabu.

  6. All the food looks delicious but the blue colour is too blue. I love nasi kerabu and I miss it very much.

  7. Time for me to order food delivery again soon as dine in will not be allowed starting tomorrow.

  8. The blue colour looks really artificial.

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