Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nostalgic taste

A place where I would not go by myself. The area of Jalan Pisang. It happened that hubby and I sent some fishes that hubby caught to my dad at his shop in Green road. After that, we used the Pisang road to go back but my hubby told me to have breakfast at his friend's shop in Jalan Jambu. 

A row of old shop in Lorong Jambu 2. His Kapit friend had a shop here next to a sundry shop, operating a coffee shop selling kampua. No name or sign board, but not hard to spot. 

My first visit here. My man had been here few times. He told me, the shop and kampua reminded him very much of his hometown and that nostalgic taste as he grew up. 

So he had his kampua in soy sauce while I settled for the plain kampua. 
Which one you prefer?? I don't fancy the soy sauce taste so I usually go for white kampua if I have a choice. 

We also had pian sip soup. It was good!! Really tasted like those sold in Sibu. I rarely had kampua in Kapit so I can't compare to this. 

Not much meat filling in the wrappers but the dumplings were nice. That taste of the filling was different. 

As for the kampua, I rather enjoyed it. Not so oily like some Kampua. It was more in between Sibu Kampua and Kuching Kolo Mee. 

The kampua takeaway for the kids at home. 


  1. Oh? Gotta share this post, let my kampua-loving cousins in Kuching know.

  2. Do both white kampua and soy sauce kampua have lard taste? Good to know both of you enjoyed the noodles. 😋😋

  3. I like my noodles without the black sauce.. plain is good for me as long as they are tasty...

  4. I prefer the black kampua.
    The noodle they use looks like the kolo mee type noodle.

  5. If I have the chance to go back Kuching, I would like to try kampua. I miss Kuching so much but due to the current situation, it's hard to go back. Do take care & always stay healthy

  6. I prefer the white kampua with the char siew.

  7. I love the white kampua but I enjoy the soy sauce one too. Nice food, Rose x

  8. I like it plain and white, yums!