Tuesday, September 3, 2019

In the morning

It was Sunday and since my man was up early, I suggested to him to go to the Sungai Maong market to buy some fresh supplies.

Some meats, chickens, vegetables, fruits and dried ingredients. After we were done, we kept the stuff in the car and headed to the nearby coffee shop for breakfast. 

There was this makeshift stall in front of the shop. Ooo, I don't think I get to see this much around. They slaughter the poultry on the spot. Some chickens and a duck in the cages; I saw a boiling pot for scalding and cleaning. 

We continued our way to the coffee shop and ordered our breakfast. 

I had a bowl of Sarawak laksa. It was alright but the broth was oily. 

Hubby had the fried noodle with an egg for RM6. I loved the look of the fried egg. 

We went home after our breakfast session. By then, Jan and Jamie had woken up. Jay wasn't well so he had an sleep in till late morning.

He had an allergy attack the day before and when he woke up after 10am, we found out the allergy getting worse. So we took him to a clinic for injection and medicine. Thank God that the clinic opened as most weren't on Sunday cum public holiday. Not sure why the sudden allergy.

The red patches came and gone these past few days, and most of the times, Jay was seen scratching. He did not go to school today since he hasn't fully recovered. Tomorrow is a holiday for him as UPSR is starting. 


  1. Oh dear!!! Poor thing! I see a lot of people sharing about this Shiruto thing, lots of positive testimonies - maybe you can try, buy online.

  2. Must be something he ate. May his rashes go away soon.

  3. Yummmy Sarawak laksa! the last time I had it was......I tink more than 20 years ago....

  4. Oh no! Poor boy! Hope his rashes will go away soon.

  5. He looks disturbed and sad, hope he will recover by now.

  6. You bought quite a lot from the market. I hope Jay is fully recovered by now. Poor thing!

  7. Oh dear poor Jay. Maybe it's time for him to take the allergy test too to determine what causes it.

  8. Oh dear, do you know what causes the allergy?