Monday, August 19, 2019

TLC for eczema kid

When you have a kid with an atopic skin condition, it is not easy to care for him or her. 

Jamie is born with eczema and as he  is growing up, it gets worse. This year in particular, after his chicken pox. His skin heals very slow and he develops rashes and itchiness all over his body. 

He does not have any doctor or specialist to consult and look after his condition. Usually we just go to our normal GP for medicine and cream when he developed infection or skin rashes got worse. 

Early this month, he developed a serious eczema; rashes all over his body. Some parts of body were covered with scratch marks due to him scratching. A friend recommended us to consult a dermatologist in Normah Hospital. 

So I took him to the hospital one Monday morning but the dermatologist was only available in the afternoon. Since we were there and it was a long drive, I was advised to see a pediatrician. 

So we went to the pediatrics department to see a pediatrician. The doctor diagnosed him with 'serious eczema but not infected'. He also advised for an allergy blood test to determine his allergy. 

Thank God that Jamie was a brave boy, he went through his first blood taking without problem. We haven't know the result as it will only be known when we see the doctor next month. 

And we went home with all the medicine and cream. In our next visit, doctor recommended us to use this new moisturising cream and taking an oral medicine for 2 weeks!! He would finish his medicine course by this weekend!! 

Some TLC tips I learnt from the doctor:

  • Use Aquacream in his bath. PH balance shampoo for his hair. 
  • After bath, do not wipe dry. Dab the towel to dry him. 
  • Apply moisturiser all over his body. If there is any rashes, apply oilment after skin is dry from applying moisturiser. 
  • Do not use warm water to bathe him. Mildly cold is better. 
  • Skin is very sensitive and eczema is genetic. Sensitive to any external trigger such as heat, dust, sweat, cold etc
  • Wear 100% cotton. Shoes to be made from fabric, not rubber or plastic material. 
  • Drink more fluid and fruits as eczema kids tend to unable to retain water in their body. 
  • Washing machine could cause of skin allergy so washing your washine machine at least once a month. 
  • Use hypoallergenic detergent to wash the laundry. 
  • Early care is a prevention as serious and uncared eczema could lead to other complication in their lives such as asthma and skin disease etc. 

Hope these tips are useful for parents with eczema children. 

One week after the first visit


  1. I saw some photos you shared on FB and it breaks my heart to see Jamie suffering so badly. Both my boys have mild eczema and have been applying Cetaphil lotion daily to keep their skin moist especially on their knees and legs. Ethan took allergy blood test before and is confirmed allergic to dust and shellfish. Now that we know, we do our best to eliminate these factors from his life. He can't get away from dust but we can try to reduce it. We bought air purifier for his room and I noticed it helps.

  2. Jamie boy hope your condition will get better under your mother's loving care.

    Thanks for sharing the tips and information rose. It will help those with eczema.

  3. Have you heard of Shiruto? I see a lot of people sharing on Facebook. Can google and read all about it - available via Shopee!

  4. Poor Jamie! Hope that his condition will improve.

  5. Thanks for the tips. Hope Jamie's eczema is under control with good management from you. The blood test results should shed more light on the triggers for his eczema.

  6. He is so cute and brave! Hope my son will not get that, he had some skin problem before, but now he is fine☺

  7. Being a mom, it breaks our heart to see our kid suffer. I hope the blood test result will enable the doctor the best way to treat Jamie's skin problem. He is a brave kid.

  8. Hubby suffers from skin allergies and really has not yet found a solution.