Monday, August 26, 2019

I am happy

"As long as I am happy", hubby said. It was my birthday last Saturday and hubby let me decided on what I wanted for breakfast that day.

That was how we ended up having a birthday brunch in Boulevard Restaurant. We quite enjoyed the food there especially the dim sum.

It was 10am and we were the first few diners there.

We had 2 new dim sum that we have not try in the past such as this sweet sour beancurd rolls. It was good with filling meat in the rolls.

The deep fried bean curd fish cake was good too. We enjoyed it very much.

The boys shared the plain noodle as well.

And a small plate of crispy pork belly. They were irresistably good.

It was a delightful brunch. A happy, enjoyable meal with my family. And that was what I had on my birthday.


  1. Looks like you love the dim sum at Boulevard. Hopefully I can get to try that when I go over to Kuching.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Rose!! So nice of your hubby, as long as you are happy, he is happier!!

  3. Happy belated birthday to you! hope you enjoyed your birthday. the dim sum sure looks tasty!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good brunch with your family.

  5. Happy birthday, Rose! Great dim sum brunch.

  6. happy belated birthday! nice brunch with ur family!

  7. Happy belated birthday rose, so sweet of your hubby by saying as long as you are happy.

  8. A belated birthday wish to you dear. Like wine, you grow more and more beautiful with age and I know why... because you are so loved and contented with life as you have such a beautiful family <3