Sunday, February 17, 2019

Early birthday dinner

My mum and dad's Chinese birthday fell on 7th and 8th day of CNY respectively and as both days were weekdays, we decided to treat them to an early birthday dinner last Sunday.

Topspot was our birthday venue. We were early that evening as we didn't managed to book a table. To avoid crowd, we had our dinner around 6pm. 

Most stalls had opened by Sunday but this stall never short of customers. Business was a brisk! And they opened on the 3rd day of CNY to cater to their customers!

Ling Loong Seafood was our option as we had been to this stall few times in the past. The food was nice and fresh.

Kuching O' Chien (oyster pancake) was a must and we had this nicely made pancake before the kids helped themselves to breaking and eating the pancake.


After with broken sides!

I spotted a container of bamboo clams while ordering so we also had that cooked with curry powder. Fresh and succulent with that fragrant curry taste, I loved it that way.

My very pregnant sis reminded us no belacan beforehand, so for vegetable, we had this stir fried midin with garlic. Simple but crunchy and tasty.

Remember that last year when our KL friends came over and we had their special butter salted egg yolk crabs for the first time? Unfortunately  no crabs last week so we opted for their soft shell crabs instead. It was much better and tastier than the normal crabs. The crabs observed the taste well and I love how buttery and salty the crabs were.

Next was the steamed prawns. Never could go wrong with steaming prawns. They were fresh and sweet.

Last but not least, we had steamed sea bass (siakap) which recommended by the stall worker.

And if that wasn't enough, hubby ordered 20 stick of lamb satay (RM26) from one of the satay stalls but oh my, they were good. Could taste the fatty and tender parts, not too tough to bite into.

Our dinner overall cost RM322 exclude the satay and drinks.

And we hope mum and dad enjoyed the feast and company that Sunday. Wishing both good health, joy, happiness and great blessings.


  1. I hear the food's good at Topspot, dunno which stall exactly but they say it is a tourist trap, very expensive. Won the Tourism Award before, like Payung.

  2. I like it that restaurants open during the festive season because that's the time when we want to go out and eat! The dishes all look very good. I am sure your parents were delighted with the birthday treat!

  3. What a nice birthday treat for your parents. :)

  4. Happy birthday to your parents! May they live long long in good health! Seafood you all ate are so tasty.

  5. That looks like a very lovely feast. Happy Birthday to your parents and Happy Chap Goh Meh to you and family.

  6. Happy Birthday to uncle and auntie, wish them happy and healthy and happy chap goh meh to you and your family too

    What a wonderful meal for a happy occasion

  7. That's nice that your mum and dad have birthdays so closely. The food looked good and delicious.

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