Saturday, December 1, 2018

A short hike

It was the start of a long year end school holiday. Our very first school holiday activity was to go on a road trip to Lundu and Sematan last Saturday.

We started our day with breakfast in Batu Kawa old town's famous meatball and kolo mee roadside stall. After filling up our tummies, we were on our way to Lundu. A slow journey there as along the way, we were delayed by a serious car accident and many big trucks driving on the road. But we reached Lundu town safely after over an 1.5 hour drive. 

Our destination in Lundu was Gunung Gading National Park. We missed out during our year end holiday last year.

We meant to see the biggest flower there  as a friend came back from there told us on the flower but we missed it by a day or so. Died off. Better luck next time, we hope.

We had a short hike to the first waterfall but as we hiked up the steeper path, it was becoming difficult as the rocks were slippery and wet. We abandoned our plan and decided to headed back. 

We enjoyed the greenery of the reserved park and weather was just nice to go outdoor.

Hope to come back and see a real and live rafflesia.


  1. Hiking? No, thanks. That word does not exist in my vocabulary. Hehehehehe!!!

  2. I actually like hiking but so far no opportunity to do it.

  3. Good that you and your family love nature and had an enjoyable hiking activity but not for me as I have phobia of insects

  4. Hope you can see the big flower next trip! Good that all of you went hiking because it is good for health!

  5. Wow! I'm glad you've managed to catch the Rafflesia! xoxo

  6. It is in my bucket list to see a Rafflesia flower too!

  7. I can't see it here
    I think I would like to go Borneo to see it one day

  8. What a lovely place to be. I love trees and walking through the woods, but I have a fear of creepy crawlies and insects. Isn't it silly...?