Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The king

My sil, her daughter and mil stayed in Kuching for 2 nights. My mil had a scheduled check up and sil took an overdue visit with her daughter.

On their 2nd evening, we invited them for a dinner together in BBQ King Seafood, One Food Street in Jalan Stapok.

We were earlier to arrive so we placed order first. It was almost 7pm and we could see few tables occupied.

Bbq King Seafood is well known for its delicious and creative food presentation. Many good reviews on this place.

It was a nice cooling evening so we opted to sit outside; away from the crowds.

It was fortunate to get a big table that able to squeeze all 13 of us plus children. Our table was overlooking the Sg Maong 1 river. 

As the evening came onto us, our first dish also arrived on the table. Fish maw soup. I loved this simple but tasty and comforting soup.

Next was this plate of tasty, deep fried chicken wings. The kids enjoyed them as well as the adults.

We also had this stir fried sweet potatoes leaves which I grow fond of not so long ago.

This long bamboo boat of curry squid was recommended by the lady. It turned out to be good. Not overly cooked squid and with flavorful curry, it was an appetizing dish.

Hubby knew that I loved lala so we ordered kam heong la la (spicy la la). Delicious but as you know, la la wasn't a meaty shellfish.

This was an unique dish, another recommendation by the lady. Charcoal deep fried bean curds with special sauce. Slightly sweet sauce but the bean curds (taufu) was nice. Tasted like the normal soft taufu.

This got to be the star of the night. Assam curry steamed fish. The adults enjoyed it very much. Very fresh and flavorful.

We also ordered some pork satay as side dish. Their specialty pork satay is highly recommended. Huge chunk of meats with some fat on each stick. Oh boy! They were so heavenly sinful and some more dipped with their special cincaluk dipping, it was so irresistible that you would keep eating one stick and then another.

Our dinner that was fit for a king came up to RM253 plus 8 bowls of rice. Considering everything was tasty and good, we wouldn't mind to come back here again. For a special occasion, of course. ^^


  1. I thought you were going to blog about your youngest one, the king! LOL!!! Eeeee...the charcoal tofu, no thank you! No stinky tofu for me either.

  2. I like that long bamboo boat of curry squid. The presentation is unique and nice.

  3. I like the fish best! For a big group of 13 persons, this is sure a suitable place to go to hold a celebration!

  4. Everything looks good especially the soup, fish and satay!

  5. I have not try charcoal beancurd before...

  6. I thought you are going to talk about your hubby, king to you maybe LOL.

    All the dishes look good and flavourful, I like!

    I don't mind trying the charcoal tofu to see how it tastes like. Never try never know.

  7. That was a very grand and enjoyable meal!

  8. Libby,
    I thought the same too! LOL

  9. Wow... so much food there!! Love them all even the charcoal beancurd, I haven't tried it before...

  10. Omigosh guys really know how to order the yummiest food. I would love to try the squid, charcoal black tofu and fish maw. Fish maw is my fav! ^.^

  11. it's a feast!
    I would like to try that charcoal deep fried tofu