Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Craving for it

It has been ages since we dined in Pandan Thai Delight at RH Plaza. I used to love its pandan wrapped chicken; moist and flavorful.

Hubby asked what's for lunch one Sunday and I told him that I was craving for tom yum. So to cut the story short, that was how we ended up here.

We were the only customers then but while we were dining, the place started to fill up with lunch goers.

The place was much the same, it was how I remember it to be. But now they have expanded to the next shop. Business must be good as they have the been there for years and from one shop to two shops.

It was a very hot afternoon so I had this sago honey dew in coconut milk. So good yet not too sweet.

We had 2 rice dishes, one was pineapple fried rice and another plate of crab meats fried rice. Both were nice but I preferred the former one as more interesting, fragrant and flavorful.

Stir-fried water spinach with garlic accompanied our fried rice. Simple but tasty and crunchy.

And of course I got my dose of tom yum goong. So satisfying. I nearly finished the whole serving by myself. Bet I wouldn't be craving for it anytime soon. ^^

We also had another soup; namely beef green curry. It was fine with me but I didn't really fancy the creamy Thai green curry. However my man loved it so much. Full of sliced beef and eggplants in the curry.

Our bill came out slightly over RM110 plus drinks. Thought it was reasonable as the food was good. No complaint from me. Next time when we feel like getting our fix of Thai cuisine.


  1. Where's the pandan chicken? Nicer than Ruby's?

    1. Didn't order that day. I never try Ruby's, so can't compare. Haha.

  2. I get cravings for Thai cuisine often too.

  3. wow! you drank all the broth of the tom yum goong! not spicy?

  4. I love Thai dishes too.
    I love their desserts
    and that pandan wrapped chicken.


  5. Thai food and Jap food for me anytime, second would be Malay and Indian food, not so much into Western food.

    For Thai food, Green Curry is my favourite!

  6. Me also, long time didnt go there. Too many other option now.

  7. I like pineapple rice and tom yum goong! How I wish I can them now.

  8. You make me craving for Thai food now after reading you post.
    Wah! Both of you and your husband can finish so many meals?

  9. I miss my late mum. She came from Thailand and cooked Thai food for me all my life.

  10. Haihh...that tom yum dish calls to me. It looks so yummy, I'm not surprised you sapu-ed most of it.