Thursday, May 10, 2018

Eat and shop

The previous post was on fun reason of been in Aeon Mall. Here comes the food and the shopping part of the mall.

The mall is almost fully occupied; only few outlets not yet open. Most branded outlets are in these 3 floors of retail spaces and few is new to Kuching. Otherwise, you could see the same outlets in most shopping malls.

The f&b outlets are mostly on the upper floor and one of them was this Food Avenue.

We went to the Food Avenue for lunch before our shopping in Aeon.

After almost an hour walk around the mall, we decided to eat in the Food Avenue, which is next to Seoul Garden. Not a big fan of Korean cuisine, either one of us so we opted for food court for more choices.  The place was packed with lunch goers but we managed to table-pool with another family and had our lunch.

I left the ordering to my man as he and our 2 older kids went around the food court. I ended up with this kolo mee with drumstick (RM10.90) to share with Jamie. He finished most of the noodle while I took the meat.

The other kids went for Western where the girl had her favourite, fish n chop while Jay had sausage set.

Hubby tried the Penang curry laksa (RM6.90) which he enjoyed very much.

And he also ordered this dish to share with me. He said it was ayam penyet but to me, it looked more like fried chicken. No spice detected. Not nice and we wouldn't order this dish again. They gave us chilli sauce rather than sambal for the ulam.

After filling up our tummies, we went to Aeon supermarket for our grocery shopping.

It was exciting to see many imported and Japanese stuff. 

The sushi bar that was next to the delicatessen was tempting too but the long queue deter me from buying any. Another day for them.

We did ended up with things that we wanted, like this alcoholic drink.

And the NZ super sweet rocket apples.


  1. They look like generous servings.

  2. Prices on the high side but that is to be expected at places like this - should be cheaper in the coffee shops and nicer too, the kolo mee especially.

  3. Legs painful or not? LOL. Ya ...nice to walk around but after that my feet would be numb

  4. The sushi looks like a lot but long queue is such a deterrence.

  5. Those sushi do look tempting, but long queue will stop me from buying too

  6. I cannot resist a good supermarket - this looks amazing, Rose.