Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Smaller but...

Someone once asked me how I manage to bring my "do re mi" out in one go without hubby around. Going here and there with active kids in tow. 

I assure you, being an adventuress with 3 kids could be tiring, stress yet fun at the same time. Mostly we went shopping or on food hunting. Some days I bring along "chaperone" like my mum, sis or friend, so it was not so bad after all. My kids may be cheeky but they can be well behave when they want to. *wink*

But school is back now so I seldom bring them around. Only on weekends and school holidays when hubby is not around, I would need to entertain and keep them restless by bringing them out.

We went to The Spring one Saturday when hubby was not in Kuching to check out on their Hari Raya decoration. They have a Kampung house in the centre court but look like it was not fully completed with the decoration.

Ok, and this was one of our food adventures last week. I have my friend to company and help me look after my kids while we "look look see see" this Ramadhan bazaar.

This was my 2nd visit to Ramadhan bazaar this year. Initially I told my friend about this bazaar spot and after she went and checked it out last Tuesday, she was very excited and told me it was truly a food haven. The next day, she followed me here again when I asked whether she would like to join me!

This bazaar is held in eMart Batu Kawa. Their very first Ramadhan Bazaar since the hypermarket opened for business last year.

I like this bazaar as it is in the building (actually a part of the carpark bay). Not too hot as shed away from sun or even rain. And the stalls were tidy and clean.

Back to the food, the bazaar is smaller compared to other bazaars in Kuching but it is almost a complete Ramadhan bazaar with all the Malay food you could think of.  I think I find the food here more interesting than the other bazaar I went to.

My friend love this stall so much because of its tasty grilled squid. Just RM1.00 per stick.

And she also like this fried noodle. Had the kampung fragrance and taste to it, according to her. Quite a portion for only RM2.00.

And for me, I have the following and definitely need to stay clear from those sinful food for the rest of the week!!

Chicken pita (RM3)

Some Indian kuihs, satays, fried squids and bishop's heads and a chicken pita!! 

Cough, cough, cough. Ok, I really need to drink more fluid and stay out of the sun too. *wink*

P.s. photos credit; thanks to my lovely friend.


  1. Dear Rose, you are a very talented lady and your posts are always enjoyable and fun! Lovely photos, and please watch out for the sun. :)

  2. The bazaar looks amazing. I want some of that squid too

  3. cococnut water...drink more of that. dont fall sick ya coz long holiday coming up

  4. Kids big liao can bring all out.. Like if I bring Kz out, more senang.. If only bring G out, susah a bit.. but if G bigger a bit, I guess no problem..

  5. Oh, I do love Ramadhan eats. It's always an adventure!

  6. How times flies, that time looking forward to Ramadhan bazaar, but in another time time, it's gonna end liao...

  7. I love this Emart bazaar too, bery convinient, easy parking too.

  8. That's really a lot of food in the bazaar!

  9. That's really a lot of food in the bazaar!

  10. I only went to one bazaar at Satok. Used to be Sunday market place. Really can't stand crowd, that's why I'm avoiding the crowded bazaar. hehe.

  11. I saw the one at Satok but did not walk around to browse - will blog about why I was there...two days in a row...soon.

  12. Hihi Rose, thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    I absolutely salute for your good job in bringing up 3 wonderful kids of yours.

    Please take care Rose. Drink plenty of water and hope you recover from cough soon.

  13. I love going for Ramadhan bazaars here in KL!

  14. wow bravo you manage to bring kids on your own:D, my toddler is a challenge.


  15. You are a super mom! Bringing do re mi out by yourself.