Thursday, December 26, 2013

The white structure on the hill

Every time we passed by Kuching-Sri Aman road, we always wanted to make a stop here. But each time we always overshot the sign board as the board is directly located at the juction and we always missed the juction.

But we were happy to make it on Christmas Day. We finally stopped for a short break. It was not open but that did not stopped us from taking few snaps.

Mount Hosanna Chapel, a very catchy architecture, located around 150km from Kuching and 50km away from Sri Aman. The chapel signified 3 large white candles. The steps of staircases to the top is said to be 100 steps. So if you are lucky to pass by this road on Sunday, do stop by. Only open on Sunday from 10am.


  1. Yeah unique church over there...From far I was like thinking it is a rocket?

  2. Yes, very unique and pure ! Love the candles lookalike design !

  3. Nice. Looks like candles...or colourless pencils.

  4. Very unique. The first thing that comes in my mind was crayons! I guess I deal with crayons too much in my art class :)