Sunday, May 19, 2013

A rough week

It is a scorching hot week in Kuching.  I guess the temperature has soared up to 38degree or more, with me sweating and fanning most of the times. In the evening, we have to switch on the air con in the living room because the kids cannot stand the heat especially the boy.  And they complained why still hot even when the air con is on???  Lol!  I have to shower 4 times a day now.  Simply cannot stand the heat.  *panting*  But on the good side, what ever thing you put under the sun, will dry out fast!!  But don't you wish you are someplace cooler than here now???
Everyone has recovered (if not 100%, but in good progress) from respective sicknesses.  Nothing serious, just cough and flu viruses spreading in the house but after few days of medication and rest, everyone is back to good health.
Little girl finished her exam and now she can relax and I can stop screaming and nagging her to do revision every single day. Although sick, I still need to do the housechore. Everything keeps piling especially the laundry, and I managed to sort out some baby clothing from the storage boxes. Glad that I did not give them all away.  Have washed and kept them properly in the drawers now.  I also need to cook every day. But very lazy to think of what to cook, so I just whipped up something simple for dinner. I also did not have appetite to eat, because of my flu.
I were more suffering compared to my kids because I could not take antibiotic and it takes longer for me to recover.  And I only take the cough and flu medication in the afternoon and night because both make me sleepy.  I was knocked out cold most in the afternoon, up to 3 hours after taking both!  Lol!  But I need the rest. 
Not much cooking done because the kitchen sink leaking problem still not fixed.  If just a quick wash, it would be fine.  But when you need to wash all those utensil, the leaking will appear and make the floor wet and slippery because of the dirty and soapy water.  Called plumber but they did not turned up.  Sh*t!  And I have to do my washing in the bathroom which is not so convenient for me to squat when washing.  Hope to get the leaking problem fixed soon.
But on a happy note, we got new flowers for the house too.  Just to cheer up the kids when they were sick.  We went to the MJC market on Thursday evening and hubby bought this mini jasmine plant from an aunt.  RM5.00 per pot and he got 2 pots.  One for each kid.  He said it is time to teach the kids some responsibility and a good way to start off is by taking care of their own plant.  So after hubby helped transferring to bigger pots, he lectured both kids on how to take care of plant.  Everyday, the kids will asked me whether have water their plants or not.  Well, I thought they are supposed to do that, not me!?  Lol!  But both kids are very interested in the flowers as everyday after school, they will go over to the plants, have a look and talk to the plant.  Lol!

There is still some frozen fish slices from Kapit in the fridge, so yesterday I cooked one of the biggest slice.  It is a Tapah fish.  Not that expensive compared to Empurau, but I like Tapah fishes better.  Its flesh tastes sweet and soft.  Tried to deep fry them before for the the kids, but it does not taste that nice.  I still prefer to steam them. 

I just rub some sea salt onto the flesh first then add Shao Xing sauce, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, ginger slices and minced garlic before steam for 15 minutes. 

A nice dish to take when you are sick, don't you agree?? 


  1. yes at this period you should have more fish

  2. I like to eat steamed fish. If I could I would eat it every day.

    For the leaking problem, could a pail be used to hold the water from the leak?

  3. I also bath very frequently, because I hate to sleep with sweat on my body.

  4. You have aircon in the living room too! So nice, you are blissful. Oh no you cannot take antibiotics, it will take longer to recover. I love fish too.