Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joseph Kolo Mee

A friend of mine recommended this kolo mee stall in Jln Keretapi so we gave it a try on Sunday morning.  This Joseph Kolo Mee (apparently a Hakka) is in The Sisters Garden, the row of shop next to 100% Superstore.  It was a long wait just as the server told us.  We waited for nearly 30 minutes but the wait was worthwhile because we quite like the taste of the kolo mee.  No wonder the customers are so patient.  Lol!

It has chunks of pork crisps besides the char siew to our likings.  Slightly smaller portion for men so we ordered an extra plate for hubby.  They serves with plates not bowls.  And they do not have kiaw (dumplings) but they do serve the noodles with a bowl of seaweed and tomato soup.   

Meant to "tapau" for lunch but they have finished by then, which is around 10am only.  Business so good and the patrons so patient waiting for the orders.  Even my daughter was impatient, keep asking when her noodle comes.  *wink*