Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinner at Topspot

Today is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.  And not to be missed is the eating zhang tradition. 

We had an earlier celebration last night at Topspot Food Centre.  We went to Restaurant 25 and order our favourite seafood dishes.

Bamboo clam in curry

Fish Maw soup

Oyster pancake

Sabah vegetable

The dish of the night: Steamed lobsters

The dinner cost around RM80+.   

After dinner, we saw an ice cream store.  SCOOP gelato ice cream.  My favourite.  They do not have much varieties there, but we ordered one Mocha chocolate cone and one big scoop of Chocolate Chip Mint.

My Chocolate Mint ice cream.  Cost RM8.00


  1. Not a fan of Topspot... Your zhang, nyonya one? Kuching has a lot - I like those more than the usual Chinese ones.

  2. The vegetables look so good!