Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bird's Nest soup

I nearly forget this pack of processed bird's nest till hubby told me last week. Lol! It has been kept in the cabinet for many months, and luckily it is still in good condition.

A pack of bird's nest

When my SIL was in Kuching, she used to boil them once a month for us, but now she resides in Sibu, we do not have such privilege. Got to do it ourselves. Never cook bird's nest soup before, but it is relatively very easy to prepare. Of course you need to get the ready processed bird's nest so you can save time of plucking and cleaning the nest.

Serving : up to 4 persons

2 pieces of bird nests
Few red dates
Pandan leave
A big lump of rock sugar
3 cups of water

Wash and soak the bird's nest for few minutes. Soak red dates for few minutes till they turn softer. Wash pandan leave.

Add 3 cups or more of water into slow cooker. Put bird's nests, pandan leave and red dates into slow cooker. Simmer for 2 - 3 hours.

Once cooked, off the slow cooker, add in the rock sugar and give the ingredients a quick stir.

When ready to serve, stir the bird's nest to loosen them.

In slow cooker, before it is cooked

I love my bird's nest warm but hubby likes it chills.


  1. next time put some gingko nuts...nice

  2. You may put in some 'bao sim' too!

  3. Wow.. nice..... I like it cool too.. been years since I last had one!

  4. you just remind me I still have few birdsnet in the fridge for almost 7 years, still not cook, hehehe..

  5. Nice and easy, normally I just buy in the bottle, maybe can try to cook my own :)