Sunday, May 21, 2017

Eating out day

I love Sunday. Because Sunday is eating out day. Family day, we mostly stay outdoor on Sunday. Mother's Day like any other Sunday, we went out for breakfast and lunch. 

So for breakfast, we went to Choo Choo Cafe.

Hubby went for the lui cha (RM5) as he wanted something healthy that morning.

I tasted the lui cha and soup. It was quite good. Being a Hakka, I am accustomed to the bitterness of the soup. I were surprised that they added crispy fried anchovies in it. Usually we don't do that but I don't mind it at all. I actually added salted fishes to my lui cha when my mum cooked it. It gave that crunch, texture, saltiness to the whole dish, and balanced up the bitterness of the soup. 

The kids had the kolo mee. My girl asked for the seafood version so she got prawn and fish fingers besides the sliced porks. When it comes to kolo mee, I usually order the straight noodle more than the "q q" (curly) noodle. 

As for me, I went for the laksa. It has been a while since I had laksa. My first laksa after recovered from my long sickness.

Taste-wise, it was "lemak" to me. Not really my preferred Sarawak laksa but when I were craving for it, I just had to settle for it that day.

After our breakfast, we went for our church service. It was Mother's Day, so everyone including the kids got a paper flower pinned to our blouse/top.

Thereafter, I felt hungry. Must be my laksa had digested (and fast!), so hubby treated me to bak kut teh. He recommended this bak kut teh place in Jalan Song as its herbal soup was not overwhelmingly strong. He knows I prefer milder bak kut teh soup.

The Lao Zhi Hau bak kut teh shop was behind The Godfather (Western cuisine). The backlane of OneJaya mall.

Hubby did the ordering and soon enough, our bak kut teh came. Many patrons but our food was served timely. 

Did I love it?? Yes. I enjoyed the spare ribs and soup. And I sweated a lot after that! Phew! Hot, hot and hot even though it was cooling and gloomy outside.

After our lunch, we went to collect homemade cheesy potato balls from my bil since we were somewhere in the vicinity. He is currently into this home-based business. I ordered 100 balls (frozen) and once we were home, we couldn't wait to taste it.

If you are wondering why so many balls, I standby for the Teacher's Day celebration. I thought cheesy potato balls sound like a great and tasty snack to bring to school.

So that afternoon, I deep-fried few balls to satisfy our tastebud. Must eat them while they are warm. Soft inside, crispy outside. Tasted good by itself but even nicer when I sprinkle some icing sugar on the balls.

I  ate few balls; I am potato and cheese lover. Irresistible.

Gosh! I ate too much that Sunday. Spicy laksa, aromatic bak kut teh soup and warm, tempting cheesy potato balls.   And my waist line has been going horizontal too.


  1. Gosh, those potato balls are making me drool! xoxo

  2. Adoi. All the good food. I love all of them except the lui cha. That one I can live without. LoL. Not that I don't like it but I can live without it :D

    The potato balls... aiyoyo. Drool!

    Beautiful paper flower there. Did the kids do it themselves?

  3. Hah!!! I even ordered the fried anchovies to add to my lei cha! LOL!!!

  4. I love to eat lui cha and the potatoes balls look so gooey and tasty! What a nice way to spend Sunday with the whole family.

  5. Yummy food choices, Rose. I am feeling hungry just looking at your pics! The potato balls look divine. Wishing your bil every success and you are a gem for supporting a family member this way. ^.^

  6. It's nice to eat out every now and then and let someone else do all the hard work :)

  7. What a foodful day for you! Haha.

    I like the cheesy potato balls, yummy.

  8. I like the lui cha that your hubby ordered especially with the anchovies added for extra crunch. And the cheesy potato balls are so delicious looking that I will surely ordered some if I were staying near to your place.