Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meet me there

The new row of shops in Stapok that completed last year and in few months time, few coffee shops have opened. And soon, everyone followed suit and the whole row of shops are filled up with coffee shops.

I pass by the place every day as Jamie's kindergarden is along the way. However I had never been to any of the coffee shops till last Thursday.

It was late in the morning so basically a very late breakfast or early lunch with my girlfriend. I whatsapp-ed my friend to meet me there the day before and we both agreed on the venue, Borneo One Street Corner (where BBQ King Seafood is located).

I were early so I ordered a warm honey lemon (RM2) for myself while waiting for my girlfriend who is staying nearby. Somehow 5 minutes have passed by and I called my friend asking about her whereabout. She was still at home! Waiting for me! She thought I were to pick her up. Turned out she misunderstood my message; I told her to meet me there. In the end, she did turned up in less than 4 minutes later. Lol.

She recommended few food stalls like the China ramen, laksa, kolo mee. Actually this Borneo One Street is next to River Park Food Court with seating area in between them. And good news is you could order food from both sides of the shops.

We had this crispy and nice yam and sweet potato fritters (RM5) from the fritter stall (next to Dim sum stall) in Borneo One Street. Of course I tried not to eat too many of them as my throat was still delicate.

My friend had Sarawak laksa too from Borneo One Street but I did not take photo of her food. I were lamenting to her that I were unable to taste it but it would be for another day when I would be fully recovered. So, what I had instead??

Another recommendation from my friend. The fish meat mihun soup from River Park Food Court! RM7.50 for this big bowl. Trust me when I said the bowl was huge! Option of milk broth or clear broth, and I went for the latter one. Love the sweet, tangy and slightly spicy broth.

More stalls open at night.  Must bring my family here to try some of the stalls. Quite a lof of choice here.


  1. Honey lemon is one of my favourite drink, hehe...

  2. Hope you are feeling better now.

    So many things to eat in Kuching.. Must visit you one day.

  3. The fish mihun soup certainly calls out to me. It is one of my favourite noodle dishes ;) Good thing it only took awhile for your friend to reach you from where she lives. Never fun to wait long-long.

  4. Not sure if I know where this place is.

  5. Fried sweet potato is one of my favourite snackssss but I got to wait till its cool otherwise sure sore throat if eaten while its still hot and crispy....

  6. I love honey lemon and I am sure not able to resist the fried snacks. Clear soup fish noodle sounds good to me. Have a beautiful day!

  7. Looks like a delicious bowl of noodles you had. I enjoy clear soup fish noodles. Dare not try the milky one.

  8. hope you have fully recovered now to be able to taste food fully.

  9. I am drooling over the honey lemon, a very refreshing drink

  10. I love yam fritter , fish meat milk rboth soup
    if I come to your place, sure I gain weight a lot xoxo