Friday, March 17, 2017

That day

That day when we were in Boulevard Shopping Mall for the Matta Fair, it was way after 1pm. Many people, the place was packed.

Just few minutes walking and scouting around the booths, Jay was grumpy as he was hungry. So we decided to eat first before continue with the rest of Matta Fair.

We went down to the basement to this Chinese restaurant. Boulevard Restaurant.

Some good reviews on its dim sum and roasted meat but we thought of having noodles for lunch. The place was crowded as it was lunch time but thankfully we managed to secure a table.

First impression when you walk into the restaurant. Very spacious and very Chinese ambience. And the yellow lights make the place looked cold but thank god the air con was pretty cooling and comfortable because the other parts of the shopping mall were stuffy. Maybe too many visitors on that day.

So, back to this restaurant, it is a non-halal restaurant. Most of the staff were non-Chinese. And one comment I would like to put down here was the service was slow and unfriendly. And it took me twice to order my drink and food before it was served to me.

And you need to write your own order in the order chit before pass to the waiter and even when they do not have that particular food that you want, the waiter would not verbally tell you so. They will just write down the unavailable items as "S/O" (I assumed it means "sold out) on the order chit without telling you so. So I have to check the chit twice to discover my 2 items were not available after all the food and drinks were served. Oh well. Maybe I am too used to waiter serving and taking orders on the spot. *lol*

The char siew buns arrived first to keep the hungry kids busy and filled up. 

Bbq pork bun (RM6.50)

Followed by the crispy pork belly. I thought the pork was good. The skin was crispy. 

Crispy pork belly (RM19.00)

Then our noodles came in a push cart at the same time. 
Roasted chicken noodle (RM9.00)

And so was this sambal belacan kangkung which I enjoyed very much. Spicy and full with flavours.

Stir-fried kangkong (RM9.00)

Personally, i thought the food was so-so. We could find another place that serve better food and with good service. Not going to this restaurant any time soon. Not with hungry tummies and grumpy and restless kids who keep asking, "Where is my food? I am hungry!" Sigh!


suituapui said...

Such terrible service, I would never want to go again especially when the things are not really cheap. They also need to work on the appearance of those buns, not very presentable...and not cheap either.

anzerinchee アンゼリン said...

Lesson learnt, black list this restaurant for the bad and poor service

Phong Hong said...

With that type of service, I won't go back.

Sherry said...

wow I see what I like to eat. :D
happy weekend to you

mun said...

Slow service is no good.

Emily Tang said...

true that service is one of the points if customers will return or not

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hopefully they will improve on the service...

Nancy Chan said...

I too would not want to go back if the service is poor.

Shirley Tay said...

Well, service is just as important to me too! Sorry about the poor service........