Friday, March 24, 2017

Punching and Kicking!

Last Sunday was the kids' first Taekwondo upgrading test. Held in Lodge secondary school, we were first few people to reach the venue around 1130am. The test started at 1pm with the white belt participants started first followed by other belts in ascending order.

First batch of white belt included Jay. Thanks to hubby, Jay got some practices  at home before the test. Hubby joined Taekwondo before but that was 20 years ago. He is planning to continue his green belt by joining the kids in Taekwondo class. Hopefully he will go to the test with the kids in another 3 months time.


2nd batch with Jan in it. Not as nervous as Jay was. Way to kick, girl!


After all the punching and kicking, it was almost 2pm when we arrived in this food court, 38 Food Street in Jalan Stutong Baru.

The place was clean and many food stalls to choose from. I finally got my dose of ayam penyet rice from this food court.

Ayam penyet rice for RM9. I love the sambal dipping. Very spicy and fragrant. Like how we Malaysian loves to say it. Ada kick! Syiok!

The fried chicken thigh was very moist and juicy, just the way I like my chicken. But not that "penyet" as I expected. No "smashed" chicken here. Nevertheless no complain from me. However I would prefered a fragrant rice like what they have in nasi lemak. Pandan or coconut infused fragrant rice. Over here, they just serve plain white rice. But not so disappointed, as I were pleased that the rice was not dry or lumpy. Warm and soft. I do not like rice that choke me!!

Hubby, Jan and I had ayam penyet that afternoon while the boys, always noodle persons went for this soy sauce noodle with roasted meat and char siew (RM6.50).

If you are wondering where is this 38 Food Street, it is in the new developing area of Stutong (next to airport). You could use the road turning left from Jln Lapangan Terbang (traffic light before the airport traffic light). Drive for about 2 minutes then you will see the new shops on your right hand side. This food court is behind the under-constructed row of shops.


  1. way to go Jan and Jay! add oil to your husband too!

  2. I took up taekwondo too when too when I was in school :)

  3. I used to send my elder boy to Taekwondo class when he was in primary school. I like the noodle, looks yummy!

  4. I once took Taekwando class before, but I cannot take it, this exercise is too tough for me

  5. all the best, to black belt soon!

  6. I remember Taekwondo grading test. When it was the white belt, it was so fun coz they were the first to get tested. Then, as they go further up, they had to wait longer for their turn, you know, white first, then yellow.. They have to be there by 9 and always has to wait till almost noon or sometimes after noon before being tested.

    After Ethan got his first black belt (there are many stages of black belt), he has to wait for about 1 1/2 years before he is allowed to take another grading test. He is still waiting...

  7. Penyet or not, you have succeeded in making me salivate, Rose -_-