Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dinner, interrupted

We went to this new food court, The Best Corner which is the next row of this food court where I had dim sum early last month.

We reached there around 7pm and the weather was cold. Somehow we did not expecting any rain. 

So we went to order our respective food. I came upon this claypot food stall. Somehow the idea of having claypot dishes sounded good on a cold evening.

So I ordered a stewed lamb and kacangma with one plate of white rice for RM17.

Soon my order came before the others. By the way the others were having kampua.

My claypot dishes came first. I loved both. The lamb stew was not too thick and just nice to my liking. The kacangma on the other hand was very thick. Perfect to warm your soul if you are able to finish up the whole claypot of bitter motherwort and ginger soup!!

I were just taking 2 mouthful of my food when suddenly without warning the rain fell on us! We were seated at the walkway but the wind was so strong, it blew rain onto us. My dinner was interrupted and we had to scramble and find shelter inside the food court. Unfortunately no vacant (dry) tables around so after few minutes of standing around, we decided to pack our dinner home.

The others packed their kampua while I packed mine to be brought home.

The rain did get smaller when we scurried back to our car.  We did get a bit of the shower since we did not have umbrella with us or even in the car.

Did not expect such abrupt weather that evening but our dinner was not totally spoiled. At least we got to eat in the comfort of our home after that experience.


  1. What a bummer but not too bad since you all could tapau the meal and eat at home. The weather can be so unpredictable.

  2. Hahahaha!!! Better run for it, otherwise stew becomes soup. LOL!!!

  3. Oh dear, so sorry your dinner was ruined. It would've been perfect to eat in the claypot........ xoxo

  4. Ya, have been raining quite frequently recently in SG, well end of the year that is why

  5. Oh dear... nowadays rainy weather over here too in Ipoh.. next time must see the weather before sitting outside on the pavement.. :) I remember also running for shelter with the food when the rain started in one shop and we were seated in the open air... fortunately there were enough tables to accommodate those seated outside then...

  6. Good that they packed up the food for you all. Did you all have to carry your food around with you while you went into the better covered area looking for a seat?

    1. The girl from the claypot stall was kind to help me carry those 2 claypots while I hold on to the rice and spoon. Hub just made sure kids to safety.

  7. This happened many times to me before I had kids. With kids, I always make sure to eat in a sheltered area where we dont have to run helter skelter shud rain falls.

  8. Rainy season is here, but see that now the timing of the rain over here is unpredictable...

  9. hahaha yea kena before a few times like this. Am glad your dinner still okay by the time arrive home

  10. Thanks for your reply. So nice of the girl to help you carry the claypot which must be quite hot.

  11. It's raining season now. While I was in HCMC I had the same experience too but I was tapao some food and suddenly the rain just came...Two days I went back to my homestay soaking wet.

  12. Phew! Sounds like the weather here - unpredictable. Our skies have been gloomy the whole week but surprisingly, it didn't rain too much.