Friday, September 16, 2016

Can't help craving for you

Have you ever feel like as age is catching up, you tends to crave and want to eat this and that? Is it age? Or is the hormone as the culprit?

But luckily it isn't always the case for me every day. Or I wonder how could I spend to satisfy my craving all the times. 

For instance, on one Tuesday, councidently Suituapui was ranting about ice cream and I thought it has been a while I did have ice-cream. And that afternoon I went for a tea break with a girl friend and kids in Sweet Ice Cafe, MJC. Somehow while looking through the menu, the fruit ice special caught my eyes and without hesitation, I ordered to share with Jamie.

He finished the ice cream before it melt while I enjoyed the shaved ice and mixed fruits. Luckily I did not fancy strawberry ice-cream. But I did get my dose of ice cream as I bought these tubes few days later. *wink*

On one wonderful Sunday with my dear sister, we went for a hearty breakfast that we seldom had chance to do and enjoy in the past. She was so dear to accompany me and kids to a breakfast buffet. 

As much as I love to eat, somehow my tummy no longer could accept as much intake compared to many years ago. Tummy is getting smaller.

And on another Sunday, I suddenly have a craving for spicy food. Can't blame me. It has been weeks since I tasted laksa, curry and sambal as I were sick for 2 whole weeks and then went easy due to my tooth extraction.

So when I were all well, my hubby brought me and kids to this shop. I knew it is famous for the Melaka chicken rice balls but I heard that they started to serve nasi lemak. And you guess correctly. I simply have to have nasi lemak to satisfy my craving for spicy food.

The nasi lemak looked very "kampung" with kangkung, crispy anchovies, spicy and sourish sambal, half portion of hard-boiled egg and sliced cucumber.

Not everyday I would be going for something strong to tease my tastebud. Sometime I would just go for a simple Chinese mixed soup. Just like this one from Happy Food Court, 7th Mile (Kota Sentosa).

Full of minced meat balls, springy meat balls and fishballs, blood cubes, livers and soft beancurds other than the vegetables and salted mustard slices. All goodness in a big bowl for RM4.

Hmm, what would be my next craving?? Something sour maybe? *wink*


  1. You did not get the coconut ice cream, same brand - Magnolia? I love that, very nice! That sure looks like a LOT of nasi lemak, one HUGE bowl of it, almost the same size as the plate.

    You did not go to Sunny Hill? I wish I could go...for old times' sake, sweet memories.

  2. I can recalled the delight of Magnonia ice cream. It was the bee's knees.

    Since making my own avocado ice cream , I am rather fussy with the ice cream and sorbet I buy. However, I still have to tell myself to decline it politely if the sample did not come up to standard eg ice crystals, inferior quality chocolate but sold at premium prices etc.

  3. Cold or hot weather, ice cream to me is comfort dessert.. Anytime can take one... The bowl of goodness in the last pic looks good for me too...

  4. There are days I do craze for certain food and the cravings changes.

  5. Now I am hungry looking at all the food here. Yum yum, so tasty!

  6. My boys and I are ice-cream monsters. We can have ice-cream any time of the day. Even up in Genting. Hehe.

  7. Sometimes, i am like that, crave for this and that, hehe...

  8. Hah! I am not a fan of strawberry ice cream either. Vanilla and chocolate would be my favourite buys.

    The food looks yummy. I can understand the cravings. Maybe it's just that we've grown older and feel that life is short. Don't try now, then we'll be too old to try one day. God knows what we'll be banned from eating once we hit a certain ^.^