Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wandering : Megalanes

Megalanes, Emart Batu Kawa

The venue of the bowling matches in the recent Sukma Games in Sarawak.

Bright and spacious

Hmm. What treasures we have here?

From another angle

Newspaper cuttings on the wall

The view overlooking the lanes

The English-looking phone booth

Is this phone working?

Big vending machines

Pool tables

The staircase leading to the eateries, The Farm, and Lil Baba. Another time to try them out


  1. Do share with us after you try out the eatery place another round ya...

  2. I do love to see the telephone booth.

    They have it here at one of the mall...and they put books in it. for visitors to take and drop a book

  3. You like bowling? I have never tried. Only the toy ones when I was small hah..hah...

    1. Used to play it but not so good. Play for fun. Haha.

  4. Waaa..the place is really nice. I haven't touched pool in ages. I wonder if I can still play as well now that I am four-eyed ;P

  5. Can start training your kids to bowl. Do they have bowling in the Olympics? ;)

  6. Interesting Megalanes.. must be up to professional standard since the SUKMA was held there.

  7. I have tried my hands at bowling but am not good at it. Looks like an interesting place to visit and to try out the food there.

  8. RM3 for the can drinks? So expensive.

  9. Nice decor! Nice to hangout while bowling.