Thursday, January 14, 2016


After our breakfast in the city, we went to Cold Storage for a quick grocery shopping. These were what we bought that Saturday.

And since everyone was still full from our breakfast, I prepared a quick-fix meal that afternoon. We bought these 2 frozen food from Cold Storage.

We never tried those frozen food before, so we were skeptical but yet curious to give them a try.

Pepperoni pizza

Anyhow, they turned out good, so not that bad. Of course, we could have better option from outside or my home-made definitely better than this. However on a lazy day, this quick-fix meal would do just fine.

Shepherd's pie

Hubby made his simple salad to go with the pizza and pie. The kids finished up the pizza while hubby and I settled for the salad and pie.


And everyone enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon at home.


  1. Sometimes it is okay to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon at home. Most important, everyone is relaxed and happy.

  2. The last photo gave me a fright! Hahaha. It has been a long time since I last bought frozen prepared food like that.

  3. I blogged about the pies and the lasagna. I thought they were quite good, for RM5 something only. Saw the pizzas at Giant yesterday - I think it was around RM13 something. Not that great, eh? Then, I will not bother buying.

  4. Simple salad would do. :-)

  5. interesting shopping list. cold storage does have interesting stuff but slightly costly.

  6. I used to love buying these frozen food to be reheated at home until my oven gave way. Now, without an oven, I have to settled for frozen paus instead :(

  7. I love going to Cold Storage to get stuff I can't find at regular hypermarkets. It's an interesting place to shop. :D