Monday, November 30, 2015

How awful

It has been ages since I had breakfast in Top 10 Coffee Shop in Jalan Song. I heard from a friend that there is a new food stall so I thought I checked it out one morning.

The new food stall which more than a month old, has interesting menu and price for a coffee shop. I were at lost at what to order then.
Big Baba's Menu

In the end, I decided to have their stew pork trotter and yam to takeaway for my lunch.

For price of RM8.50, it was not much. More lean meats than those chewy trotter to my liking. It was not cooked long enough so it was not tender enough. The stew was sweet and thick although I personally prefer saltier stew than sweet.

By the way, my mum also ordered and tried its normal nasi lemak. I did not take photo of her takeaway but she commented later on too little anchovies, the peanuts were totally raw and not much "lemak" in her nasi lemak. How awful to be served with raw peanuts!! A disappointment for her. It was RM4 per pack which was not cheap at all.

Well, they need to improve on their food and waiting time. Food was not so great and quite pricey. Somemore, we waited quite long for our food to be ready. Maybe because they just open so they have not yet adjust to their service. Hopefully they improve and will get better.

This new food stall is in Top 10 coffee shop, Jalan Song, and it opens from 9am to 2pm daily except Monday.


  1. The pork trotter portion looks small.. Nevermind, now you know not sedap, next time don't go already..

  2. Raw peanuts with nasi lemak!? That's so unacceptable.

    I like lean tender meat when I eat pork trotter in vinegar.

  3. Yes, we'll never know unless we try...and once bitten, twice shy. Never mind if they improve or not - there are so many other places to go to so we would just go elsewhere and never ever come back again. Quite a few places in Sibu that I do not bother to patronise, anymore.

  4. Sometimes it can be risky patronizing newly opened restaurants. Anyway , it's ok to try it and if no good then don't return back.

  5. Have not eat braised pork trotter for quite sometimes...