Friday, August 7, 2015

It's been a while

It's been a while since we have our meal in one of this shop. Now the business is booming and has expanded to few outlets around Kuching.

I did not have bak kut teh for quite sometimes now. Not a big fan of strong bak kut teh herbs like those Klang's famous bkt, I would go for milder herb soup like those from Johor. As for this Go Fun Kee, I find their soup is mild and just nice for me.

I used to like its dry bak kut teh which was spicy. I remember they only have 2 choices of bak kut teh back then. Dry and soup. But now they have more varieties for customers to choose from.

We visited the outlet in MJC as it is nearer to our house. First time came here. Place quite clean and not too warm for our comfort.

Here is their chilli dipping. Consists of light soy, minced garlic, sliced chilli and oil.

We ordered 3 clay pots and the first one that came was this ang chow chicken (red glutinous rice chicken). Very red, I know. Quite flavourful and I enjoyed it. However not much meat as the chicken were quite small and furthermore the pieces were cut into smaller pieces.

I specially ordered this black vinegar pork trotter. Go gooey over the trotter. I love this aromatic ginger and sweet and sour of the vinegar that absorbed into the trotter and a hard-boiled egg. I almost finished up the whole pot by myself!

Next was our bak kut teh. Hubby ordered medium pot for bak kut teh while the other 2 were small pots.

I did not take the photo of the bak kut teh in the clay pot as by then I were super hungry. Served my tummy first. *wink*

Hubby ordered spare ribs, soft ribs and pork belly for the bkt. The soup as always, was not that thick which I like. I would go dizzy or having headache if I had one strong bkt. We couldn't finish the bkt so we have to pack it home for dinner.

I guess it would be quite a while before we started to miss bkt and come here again. Not really that fun to eat bkt when the weather was warm. 


  1. All my favourite food, Rose - Vinegar pork trotter, Red wine chicken, BKT ! We should hang out one day..haha ^.^

  2. They have opened an outlet here too - old Ngiu Kee building, that abandoned place opposite Yummy Kafe. They say it's a West Malaysian franchise. Everyone said not nice, don't I never bothered to check it out.

  3. I just took BKT last night... hahaha..what a coincidence and I saw your post on the same food...It is not my favourite too but my friend suggested it so we went to a new shop to try.. not too bad but the vinegar pork was too sourish instead of sweetish.. Other than that, the BKT was nice..

  4. I like bkt too.. Love the soup with nasi minyak, all the fatty pork, intestines, fu pok.. Yummzzz, hungry..

  5. Black vinegar pork trotter is my favourite! My mom is surprised at how banyak I can eat that.

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  7. great to eat during cold rainy day
    but I only take the lala seafood version

  8. Once in a while we like to have bak kut teh especially on rainy day. Meat balls is the must have as my girls love them. As for me, loads of garlic.

  9. I like to eat bak kut teh. All the dishes I like. Red wine chicken, dry and wet bak kut teh with strong herbs. But I will feel nauseating if I take chopped raw garlic.

  10. I like the pork trotter vinegar best although I only eat the lean meat.