Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taste of Chinatown

On the 2nd day, we brought our friend to the old part of the city; namely Chinatown. Or you may know it as Carpenter Street.

We wanted to let our friend tries the Hainanese kolo mee so we just got to bring him to this old coffee shop in Chinatown. Kim Joo.

We love the kolo mee and its soup here. The operator is friendly and their business is still a brisk here. After a long time, those people still can remember us.

Since back from Sibu last November, this was our 1st visit to Kim Joo. I do missed its vinegar-added kolo mee.

Who does not like those innards and meatballs soup??? Not me in particular so I just pass those innards into hubby's bowl but I enjoy its meat mince balls and fish fillets though.

And yes. The vinegar kolo mee still taste good with a bit of sourness to it.

My youngest was very cranky that morning so I have to bring him out to the corridor for him to release his energy. He also befriended a pigeon there. And he cried when I have to carry him away from his new friend. Sigh!

After our breakfast, we brought our friend to visit the past. Museum is coming up in the next post.


  1. Cute, your boy! You did not scare him, say later, the bird will peck at his... Muahahahahaha!!!!

    Yes, Kim Joo is very good. Did not get to eat it this trip - no need to wait so long like at Noodle Descendents. I hear their other things also nice, tomato kway teow or whatever, cannot remember now.

  2. i remember this place. the mix soup is really nice :-)

  3. Innards soup nice, I love.. Aiya, young prince cranky ahh? Not enuff sleep?

  4. I love innards. Yum yum...i love it lah

  5. Hi Rose, I prefer just the minced meat and fish slices please. Someone can have the! Young kids love pigeon or any birds.

  6. Your boy is adorable! :) Lovely photos, Rose. We also have a China Town here in Montreal, Canada.

  7. perhaps he was thinking to adopt the pigeon as a pet. hehehe

  8. oh wow! handle a kid is not easy
    I visited once to kim joo when I went to Kuching last year
    the old shop normally will be crowded with people
    and one have to wait at the outside for the seat

  9. I like to have some vinegar in my food - so tasty!