Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Patience is a virtue

When you eat here, you have to be very patient waiting for your food. But it is worth the wait.

It took us more than an hour to have our food served in this ever famous Noodle Descendants. Like the noodle operator said, slow and steady.  So if you are in a hurry or very hungry, then this place is definitely not for you.

While I were seated, I noticed some were so patient waiting for their food. They kept looking around, like guessing when is their turn and counting the time in their mind. Some was not so patient, whispering or walking in and out the coffee shop.

Used to operate under the name "Min Joo" in Carpenter street before they moved to Padungan few years ago. Business is still a brisk here.

The modus operandi is still the same. First, you have to find a table yourself. Once seated, you wait for the lady to bring the eating utensils and take your order. Then it is all about patience. Wait and wait.

We ordered 5 bowls of "kosong" noodles and 3 bowls of cheng soups. 

The noodle was nice to eat by itself as it was very fragrant with its sauce and fried shallots.

Hubby has its special cheng soup (big size) with all those innards and meat and fish balls.

Mine was the normal size bowl minus the innards.

For the long wait, it just took us around 20 minutes to finish our meal. Of course the kids were restless and unhappy with the long wait but we did get what we come for. Would not be coming here that soon though.

Do not have that much patience in me -one, for the long wait, two, trying to calm down the kids and three, endure the stuffy, hot and crowded space in the coffee shop.


  1. Was it worth the wait though, Rose? I hate having to wait hours for food - not my cup of tea.

  2. Sorry you had such a long wait, but it looks and sounds as if the wait was worth it for you. :)

  3. If you raise your hand to make your order, kena tiaw lagi suruh sabar, Lol. very impressed with the elder lady who takes order, she has very impressive memory. i havent been here since i gave birth, cannot tahan to wait also. Lol. my hubby has been here every week without fail though, he doesnt mind to wait, or even share a table with other people esp when he's alone.

  4. The longest I ever waited was 45 mins for a bowl of pork noodles.. Together with colleagues, so I guess still ok..

  5. hmm i tried to refresh many times
    but still cant see any picture here
    will pay a visit again

  6. Sharon & Emily, how come cannot view the pictures? Anyone having the same problem? It looks ok over here. Wonder what is the problem.

    Thanks girls for the notification. :)

  7. Can't help it. If the food is worth the wait, then we won't mind waiting, i.e. if we are not in a hurry or very hungry. Have to be in good company and making use of the time to catch up with one another.

  8. I am the type of person who won't wait for over an hour for food to be served no matter how good or hyped up the food is. It is just not worth it for me especially with the kids in tow.

  9. How long did you wait? More than one hour?

  10. One hour? What day did you go? What time? Was it on a weekend? I am hoping to go to this place - did not manage to find it at its present place my last trip to Kuching. Maybe if I go early on a weekday, it will not be so bad.

    1. On a Saturday afternoon. Yup. Maybe better on weekdays.

  11. I would have lost my appetite if I had to wait that long ..unless i had good company! Then, the wait is worth it. ^.^

  12. I have not been here since they moved.