Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Closer at hand

Heard that she is a daughter-in-law of the famous Kuching Kolo mee in Green road. I am not so sure but what I can be sure of is that she serves good kolo mee and other noodles.

The famous Green road's kolo mee is this shop. The middle shop that faced Chong Lin Plaza. It has been there for ages. A family business.

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I usually bring my kids for a kolo mee breakfast at this so-called Green road kolo mee stall in Big One Food Court, MJC on almost every Saturdays before their swimming lesson. It is close from our house; less than 5 minutes drive and the service is faster. If want to eat at Green Road, it usually packed, hard to find a table and a long waiting time.

Even that it is school holiday now, the kids will still wake up early than what I wanted. Like this morning, the kids were up around 7am and only when Jan and Jay entered my room, I were woken up by their noises. Usually they will switch on the tv in the family hall and watched without disturbing my sleep but when they are hungry, they will wake me up for their breakfast. So, this morning, without fail, we went to Big One Food Court for kolo mee breakfast.

The kids love her kolo mee very much. I usually ordered the white one (with no red char siew sauce) for the kids. RM3 per bowl.

Jan and Jay can finish their own bowl of kolo mee by themselves.

Sometimes I will go for kolo mihun with kiaw (meat dumplings). RM5.00 for this bowl of goodness. Could not have enough of the kiaw and the minced meat. Really delicious and bowl-licking good!


  1. Lots of people, means the food is nice.. The noodles all look very delicious too..I love my noodles with lots of meat dumplings, I can eat 10!

  2. Yes, I loved this one - nicer that the rest I had in Kuching that trip.
    Try Oriental Park, next to old Cathay Cinema...near Open Air. That one is good too!

  3. Oriental Park

    1. Never tasted the kolo mee in Oriental Park. Very jam and hard to find parking at that part of the old city.

  4. Kolo Mee again?? You're really a fan! xoxo

  5. I'm a fan of Kolo Mee too. Just had it at All Joy, Wisma Seberkas.

  6. The place full up wor. Food must be good

  7. yes yes yes.. Oriental Park is something you must try in Kuching.. my love since I discovered it. LOL !!

  8. The kolo mee looks delicious! No wonder the children love eating them and can finish a whole plate by themselves.

  9. I kinda miss kolo me..haven't had it in awhile! This brings back memories. Yum stuff! :)