Friday, January 9, 2015

Hung's delicacies

Their delicacies? Chicken rice!

In the old days, this Hainanese chicken rice operator operated in the wet market of the Main Bazaar at night. Who could think that in a stinky and wet market, you could find people queuing up for a plate of tasty chicken rice at night sometimes in a wee hour.

After the children took over, they went to open up a shop behind Hock Lee Centre. The coffee shop is named Fang Yuen. The business was so good over there. Other than tasty steamed chicken, they are known for its BBQ char siew. I seldom go there nowadays. Kind of missed its chunky, succulent char siew though.

However after many years, one of the siblings opened up another branch, called Hung's Delicacies (opposite Kim Yu Li coffee shop which is the other end of 3rd Miles wet market). I wonder who are this Fang and Hung? Maybe the children' names.

We go there pretty frequent as nearer to our place. However parking can be a hassle here so usually we would park further away and walk over or just take-away and eat at home.

We were there last Sunday for lunch. Luckily we were slightly earlier because few minutes later the place was full house!!

Here came our chicken rice. Over here, they do not serve char siew so I could not crave for it when I am here.

I love the fragrant rice which is soft and tasty. The meat was nice but most important is the chilli dipping. Hubby and I love their chillies so much.

Every table, they put their chilli sauce, belacan dipping and sweet soy sauce so customers can just take as many as they want. There was once when we overheard from the staff that someone stole their chilli sauce container! Gosh! Imagine what petty thief would steal nowadays??

The chicken rice come with chicken feet soup as well as curry gravy. I do not really bother about both as the rice was nice by itself and all I need is the chilli sauce.

We enjoy the chicken rice here. Most of the times we order extra plate of rice so hubby and I could share it. It is that tasty, according to us. ^^


  1. Now I am getting hungry looking at your photos, Rose. I love chicken and rice...and chicken rice soup, too. :)

  2. I know, I go there often, esp the one behind Hock Lee, but never knew the history.

  3. Always love chicken rice, can't go wrong with me, I can eat two plates of BIG rice without the chicken, really.. Just give me a bowl of MSG soup, a LOT of (nice and delicious) cili dipping and maybe few pieces of chicken liver, kaotim!

  4. I can eat the chicken without the rice, hehe...

  5. Behind Hock Lee centre? That is just around my office. If you go to the Lemon Tree shop in front of the river, try the Malay stall porridge. Other food also taste great. 😉

  6. LOL!!! What a name...if it is taken in English! Chinese, probably somebody's surname?

  7. at times i like to eat steamed chicken like this. Yummy.

  8. I love to eat chicken rice too! Will order extra chicken instead of rice ;)