Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our favourite

No 6 Kopitiam is our frequent place as it is in between my shop and our house. So as usual on Saturday around 5pm and since we both did not have our lunch, we went to our "lao ti fan" (old place)

As usual, we ordered our favourite claypot dishes; his curry lamb and my assam fish! Usually I would ordered my usual dish, i.e. soy sauce pork trotter, but that day, I just felt like having fish.

Total RM18.00 for the 2 claypot dishes with 2 bowl of white rice.

To have a balanced diet, we had stir fry midin, which is RM6.00. Pretty expensive for such portion, I said. But still, we like this place and never bored of its food.


  1. Aiyor...the midin so kesian. So little! Or you ate half already before you remembered to snap the photo? LOL!!!

  2. I like claypot dishes too coz it keep the food warm while we are eating

  3. I have yet to try the vegetable midin. It's not available in Singapore. Must go Kuching then can eat. :P

  4. The price is reasonable for the claypot dishes. I'm salivating already. I've never heard of midin...must be good eh.