Saturday, May 30, 2015

In A.D. 1928

This is a place that one least expected to find food, much more an authentic Indian cuisine. This old house was turned into a restaurant more than a year ago. It is operated by Ammah Curry House which used to be located in Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce before they moved to Ban Hock Road . and now they are here! Wonder where have they gone to after the Ban Hock road shop closed down and we could not locate them.

Hubby came for lunch few days ago and he was impressed with its interior. So he brought me and kids here for lunch today.


Located opposite Amphitheatre Taman Budaya, this old house is not hard to miss as it is on top of a hill overseeing Amphitheatre and Civic Centre. Where the Society Atelier Sarawak is. I believe this house is called Rumah Masra.

Love this bar decoration. And this was what hubby had the other day! Authentic banana leaf rice with mutton curry.

It is not easy to find good authentic Indian food in Kuching given the small Indian community here.

So on our visit today, I must try its banana leaf biryani rice. And the kids get to enjoy some Indian food as they were pretty confuse at first on using hand to eat. Of course we were playing a joke on them and ordered cutleries to eat.

My iced teh tarik in cute stainless steel mug.

Hubby and I have mutton curry to go with our biryani rice. They serve the food not on plate but on pieces of banana leaves.

I love my mutton curry. The curry was flavourful and meat was tender. 

Same goes with biryani.

For the kids, their biryani rice goes with fried chicken. I tasted the meat and I like it. Not tough and dry. Tasty with spices but not so overwhelmingly.

The vegetable dishes today is stir fried long beans, potatoes and prickled cucumber.

Total damage for our late lunch. 

We arrived there around 2pm and luckily there were not many patrons.  Mostly were Indian patrons so we felt like we were in an Indian restaurant. But not so Indian touch on the interior. I believe they wanted to maintain the design of the house, which I am grateful of. I always intrigued by these old houses and mansions but not many are standing around here now.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Nyonya flavour

I were flipping through a recipe book when I saw this recipe. A Nyonya fried rice! 

I forgot the name of the recipe book so sorry, cannot give reference to the source. I were actually in the workshop that morning when sending my car for checking. For time being, my car is still in workshop and I borrowed a car from my dad. Cannot do without a car!!

Back to the Nyonya fried rice, I tried it and I love it! I always like long beans in my fried rice so I did not hesitate to give this recipe a try. 

Never tasted a Nyonya fried rice before so I am not sure mine taste like it. But I enjoyed it.

My adaption of the recipe for 1 person portion:

Overnight rice
6 de-shelled prawns, sliced
30g breast meat, sliced
1 egg, beaten
40g long beans, chopped
2 pips garlic, minced

1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp white pepper
1 tsp dark soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil

1. Heat up oil in wok. Fry garlic and long beans.
2. Add beaten egg into wok. Stir and break the egg into smaller pieces.
3. Add rice. Break and fry for few minutes before add prawns and chickens and seasoning. Fry for few minutes before dish out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miscellaneous Picture #41: Mid-week

A short post today! Pictures talk more than words.


Looking up on a cherry blossoms tree. Some are flowerless after heavy storm last weekend

2 more days to go!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Food note on Sunday

We went to Thompson's Corner after church service. It has been a while since I had lunch there. Used to be a well-known food court back in 80s and 90s before other food courts and coffee shops mushrooming around Kuching.

Back then, business was a brisk but it still blooming now. Hard to find seats when you come here. Lucky for us, a table just vacant when we reached there. We seated near the claypot & bak kut teh stall and without hesitation, I knew what I want.

They said the claypot & bak kut teh stall is good so I wanted to taste the claypot chicken rice. Lucky me! I got the last claypot of the day before they close their stall. ^^

RM5.00 claypot chicken rice

Yummy and warm. Just great to eat on a cold afternoon as it has been raining since Saturday night. 
RM6.00 Chee Cheong Fun

Hubby had chee cheong fun and lui cha. I tasted the lui cha. Not bad. Soup was not so bitter so good for hubby. They were pretty generous with the peanuts too.


After lunch, we went home for afternoon nap. We stayed at home watching tv and I cooked dinner. The main dish of the night was my home-cooked kacangma! My hubby's favourite.

At night, we were popping some popcorns!!

Add honey and butter, and we have a popcorn snacking in front of tv!

That was how we spent our Sunday.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Up on Saturday morning

It was an early Saturday for us. Jay had tuition in the morning so I got to get up before 7 to prepare his breakfast before dropping him to the tuition centre.

Then I let my girl has a dip in the clubhouse's pool this morning. How happy was she when I told her that she could go back to her swimming class after almost 3 months absence. Jay would not be able to join her for another month as he would have tuition classes on Saturday morning next month.

Jamie and I relaxed and enjoyed the air while waiting for her at the poolside. Jan had the pool all to herself. Maybe everyone was lazying or still sleeping at home. Unlike us, the early risers.

That was what I did on Saturday morning. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Meet me in Chicago

I bought a couple of dresses for Jan through Facebook and since it was a cash-and-collect transaction, so I need to meet the seller some place. I suggested to her to meet in this local food chain, Chicago 7 in Rock Road.
Photo credit : here

You can said the seller is a friendly SAHM who has a daughter that outgrown her dresses (which mostly bought from overseas when she travelled). We chat and had brunch together in this outlet. And as usual my boy was the centre of attraction and few snapshots of him was in order. ^^

The reason this food chain was named after one of America's cities, is mainly because of its food served here, which is genuine broaster chicken. I blogged about its broaster chicken here.

*recycled photo*

This time, I tried something different.
 Lamb stew with rice (RM12.90 excl GST).

I were surprised that it was actually very good. The gravy was thick and flavourful with spices. Great for those who love spicy and peppery lamb stew.

I bought 2 sets of these broaster chicken with Italian rice (RM10.50 excl GST) for the kids as lunch.

Don't know why they call it the Italian rice as I think it tasted like what we have in our local Kuching food chain. 

And here are the dresses I bought for Jan. Very nice material, and still new. I do not mind pre-loved clothing as long as they are in good condition. Most of Jan's clothing also I donated or passed down to my niece or friend's daughter.

These dresses that I bought are good quality and breathable and I know she would loves the floral prints.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The internet issue

It is about time to give some internet access privilege to my 9 years old daughter. 

Sooner or later, she would need it for school studies. Just yesterday my hubby asked whether we should re-apply internet line in the house. Currently we using his WiFi but mostly on weekends as hubby brings it to his office. Most of the times I surf and blog from my mobile phone.

It was coincidence when he asked yesterday and I happened to bump into this blog. I found this interesting sharing by the blogger on whether we should or should not introduce internet to our children here.

I believe moderation is the key answer but give some freedom to my children with minimal supervision from us.

It is inevitable as our children are born to the world of technology and mobiles and computers are a part of daily lives. Jan knows how to surf as she used to browse through Youtube and games using pc in the past. Jay is more on iPads and phones, so he used to enjoy the privilege of playing with my sil's stuff. Even my boy (4 months shy of his 2 years old birthday!) knows how to operate an iPad and plays games.

So, the question is, should or should not we control our children when it comes to internet access?? Should I create a FB account for my girl as she asked before. That was 2 years ago and I were thinking why should a 7yo has a FB account for?  Do your kids have FB account, and at what age they have it?

A little curiosity and hope you, mummies and daddies would not mind sharing. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

At the car wash

This cafe is no stranger in Sibu and I have been to the Sibu outlets few times. It expanded its wing to Kuching few years ago and the very 1st Kuching outlet is here in Rubber Road. It has a very big compound, ample parking space and what good about it is next to Cafe-Cafe is a car wash service, called The Original Car Wash.

After our church service on Sunday, we went to the car wash so at the same time, we had our lunch there.

The interior of Cafe-Cafe. At least it was brightly lighted.  Cozy ambience and spacious. 

No pork is served here. Its menu is almost similar to the Sibu outlet in Giant Hypermarket, caters both local and Western cuisine.

I like the drink counter with those drink bottles and cans displayed in the wall cupboard. 

We had our car washed and vacuumed for RM17.

Okay, while we walked to our seat, I noticed a table ordered a very big serving of black olive fried rice. That look delicious but my kids do not enjoy black olive so I ordered salted fish fried rice instead.

RM16.90 salted fish fried rice

Indeed a very big plate!! Can be shared by 3 persons. Taste-wise, it was nice, not salty (but the salted fish was) and dry and fluffy.

Hubby has this grilled lamb but personally I prefer the one in Sibu. The one here was sweet! The meat was marinated in some sweet concoction. Even the dipping was sweet. We personally prefer our red meats to be savoury.

At least the fish n chip was not a total disappointment. The fish was tender and well fried.

RM23.90 Fish N Chips

A nice lunch while waiting for our car to be ready. It is actually out of the way. Pretty far from my house so I do not think I would be dropping by any time soon. However it is near to our church so that is why it was convenient to drop by here on Sunday and same time we can check out Cafe-Cafe since I have meant to come here one of these days. ^^